Whitepaper: Pricing Advice in Times of Crisis

How to thrive when the economy goes south?

This was the leading question when I was thinking how I could help you the most during these challenging times. Diving into academic research on previous recessions, I distilled the core insights from 50+ academic studies and sources in four chapters:

  • New Customer Behavior: How do customers behave differently during a (financial) crisis? [19 customer tendencies during recessions]
  • Pricing Strategy & Tactics: How should companies adjust their pricing and pricing communication in turbulent times? [32 pricing strategies and tactics to consider]
  • Outlook: How do customers behave after a crisis? [4 customer segments during recessions and 4 customer segments emerging after recessions]
  • Advice: What can we learn from companies that successfully came out of previous recessions? [6 studies on benefits of pro-active actions]

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