January 26

[News] Sign of Life: Personal Update & Relaunch in July 2022

To my valued readers of the Pricing Nuggets. 

Long time no read.

You probably wonder what has happened to the Pricing Nuggets, or you even forgot about them altogether. The last nugget was posted in March 2021.

May I share a personal update?

2021 was a roller coaster for many people – I was one of them.

In my business life, I knew that I could add more value outside of my then corporate position. After contemplating (euphemism for “procrastinating”) this decision for quite a while, a door of opportunity had opened, and I went all-in (with heart, soul, and passion) to start my own consulting company. It hit the ground running, but my new business consumed every available minute and took the attention away from your and my beloved Pricing Nuggets. But I have good news. Please hold on.

In my personal life, my wife and I have a bucket list that reads “world trip” at the very top. With a worldwide pandemic for two years and our oldest daughter hitting school this Fall, we could hear the proverbial clock ticking. We had almost given up on this dream when we learned in summer 2021 that a few of our “world trip countries” had opened for tourists. Business-wise this might not have been the most prudent decision when we took a six-month parental leave and started traveling.

Spending 40+ years on this planet, I learned that memories are priceless (pun intended 😊), and – if you asked me personally over a coffee – investing in those is probably the wisest decision you can make for yourself and your family.

Pricing Nuggets will come back in July 2022. The next book update as well.

Good news is on the horizon. After my return, the Pricing Nuggets will relaunch in July 2022. Please stay tuned – I warmly thank you for your patience.

If you are a reader of the Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing, I want you to know that the annual update to the book will be available in the Readers Area also in July 2022.

We have not been in contact for such a long time. This has been painfully nagging in the back of my head what feels forever.

I promise. In Summer 2022, you will regularly receive valuable, inspiring, and sometimes funny pricing insights again.

Talk to you soon.

All my best and Aloha,


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