May 30

[Personal Note] Sign of Life and announcing white paper “Pricing in Times of Crisis”

Sign of Life

I hope this message reaches you and your loved ones in good health. My last message and nugget has been quite a while ago and today I would like to send you a sign of life - and a new nugget.

May I share something personal? 

Back in February my wife and our two wonderful girls headed off to an once-in-a-lifetime, at-the-top-of-the-bucket-list, if-I-had-only-one-wish world trip. The planning and anticipation took the best part of last year. Fully excited we entered the plane and departed to South East Asia towards our first destination.

On our trip I collected fun and inspiring incidences of pricing practices. My plan was to give Pricing Nuggets a slightly different angle for a while. I thought about making theory more tangible with real-life examples in a fun way - and show why single pricing practices and pricing messages work in the real world.

...and then came Corona.

As you might guess. The Corona crisis hit everyone and everywhere hard. After six weeks into our trip, we realized we had stranded in Bali and that the world was not the same anymore. With a heavy heart we had to return home with one of the last scheduled flight before the world locked down.

What about new Nuggets? I felt it has not been and still is not the time for lighthearted pricing stories.

But in the past weeks I was constantly thinking what would help you the most?

I went on and started a personal research project for you about “pricing in times of crisis”. I unearthed numerous nuggets. Currently, these nuggets are being polished and packaged into a white paper as they do not fit into the usual Pricing Nugget format. Next week this white paper is ready. You will find it on this website. If you are a subscriber to the Pricing Nuggets will receive it straight in your mailbox.

[Announcement] My first white paper for you: Pricing in Times of Crisis.

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