Partitioned Pricing Decision Helper

Do you wonder whether to separate surcharge and base price or add up both price components to an all-inclusive price?

The Partitioned Pricing Decision Helper is your tool.

The following tool helps you to make the decision on whether to separate surcharges from base price – so-called partitioned pricing – or whether to integrate both components into a total all-inclusive price.

This tool is based on very insightful academic research that Abraham & Hamilton (2018) have recently published after analyzing seventeen years of past research on partitioned pricing. The tool below replicates the Excel model that accompanies this research and has been made available as Web Appendix to the original paper.

Source: Abraham, Ajay T. and Rebecca W. Hamilton (2018), “When Does Partitioned Pricing Lead to More Favorable Consumer Preferences?: Meta-Analytic Evidence,” Journal of Marketing Research, 55 (5), 686–703; Web Appendix J.