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" Best 3 Product Pricing Books of All Time. "

Neuroscience in Business

Issue June 2019, p. 21

" Best 5 books on pricing. "

Shoppernomics podcast

" This book is a masterpiece. "


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Best-Selling Author | “The Psychology of Selling”

“ Dr. Markus Husemann-Kopetzky has written a book that will be of immense, practical help to everyone involved in selling or price setting. The Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing clearly presents over one-hundred psychological pricing effects backed by solid research. This book is an absolute must-read for any business owner or marketer. ”

Must-have on every marketer's bookshelf

" The Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing is at its best in consolidating 'the art' of psychological pricing. It offers a wealth of insights that can inspire every company- big and small, high-tech and low-tech. This book is an absolute must-have on every marketer's bookshelf. "

Simone Moser

Marketing Manager | BSH Home Appliances

No fluff

" To the point. No fluff. No insights wrapped in lengthy story-telling. The Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing is a rich source of inspiration and a must-read for any entrepreneur. "


Entrepreneur | Flowerart

Must-read for all managers

" This book is packed with intriguing, powerful insights that will expand your perspective on pricing. A must-read for all managers who have to make profitable decisions. "

Christian Gasplmayr

Director Sales and Consumer Interaction Transformation | Swarovski

Powerful insights

" This book is packed with intriguing, powerful insights that will expand your perspective on pricing. A must-read for all managers who have to make profitable decisions. "

Dr. André Hintsches

Head of International Pricing, Used Cars | Volkswagen Financial Services

Powerful forces on financial performance

" The Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing breaks new ground in the breadth and depth on psychological pricing. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to realize the powerful forces psychological pricing has on a company's financial performance of any size. "

Loa Fridfinnson

Chief Creative Strategist | Activ8 - Corporate Relations 

Indispensable resource for all pricing managers

" If you ever wondered what psychological levers pricing managers have at their hands, you will find it in the Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing. This is the most comprehensive coverage on the topic available. An indispensable resource for all pricing managers. "

Martin Jarmatz, PhD

Strategic Pricing Manager | TDC Group


New ideas for my clients' businesses

" Outstanding. Every time I open the Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing I find new ideas for my company and my clients' businesses to drive growth and profitability. "

Martin Fyrst

Founder | Traction Business

New perspective on pricing

" The author does a brilliant job in distilling the practical core of academic research. The Handbook on the Psychology of Pricing offers a new perspective on how pricing innovations impact customer behavior and grow business. The insights in this book are priceless. "

Prof. Dr. Mike Hoffmeister

International Business Management | Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences


Highly relevant for investors

" Markus has written a fascinating and insightful book on a topic that we think is highly relevant for investors, particularly those looking at consumer and retail facing companies. "

Richard Chamberlain

Managing Director, General Retail | RBC Capital Markets


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About Markus Husemann-Kopetzky

I'm an advisor, practitioner and researcher in the field of marketing and pricing.

My personal mission is to help your business grow with the power that lies hidden in academic research. Hundreds of brilliant researchers all over the world discover new insights every day that could give companies an edge beyond current practices. But these insights are usually buried in lengthy papers inaccessible to people who need them the most: category managers, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, and consultants in fields like retail, brand management, services, and B2B sales. I dive deep into the ocean of academic research, find and distill the practical core and translate it for your business.

My professional experience spans 12+ years (still counting) in financial services, management consulting, and retail industries knee-deep in sales and pricing. In 2021 I founded the Price Management Institute have supported dozens of Pricing Leaders and Pricing Teams in Retail and E-Commerce as a trusted advisor since then.

My roots are in business, but I speak "academic". I hold a doctorate degree in business and economics, published in leading academic journals like the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing Behavior or Marketing Letters and contribute to the field as a Guest Researcher at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.